Jeff Horn vs Tim Tszyu

A bulked-up Jeff Horn has taken aim at Tim Tszyu’s lack of size, declaring he will throw the son of Kostya around “like a rag doll” in Wednesday night’s blockbuster in Townsville.

The size differential between the two foes was noticeable as Horn and Tszyu came as close to each other as possible in this COVID era for their official press conference ahead of the super welterweight bout at Queensland Country Bank Stadium.

Horn walked into the room looking more robust at 72.1kg, almost two kilograms heavier than Tszyu, who at 70.5kg barely filled out the flash dark suit that masks a physique he claims is ready for “war”.

Both fighters have weight to lose ahead of the 69.85kg limit at Tuesday’s weigh-in, but even as they stood 1.5 metres apart, it is clear Horn has the bulk and muscle to bully Tszyu and inflict the first loss of his 15-fight professional career.

Tszyu possesses the brooding intensity and cold-blooded, Russian-crafted stare that made his father Kostya a world champion, but Horn licked his lips as he stared down his rival’s slimline frame.

Watch Horn vs Tszyu in an all-Aussie Super Fight, Live on Main Event, Wednesday 26 August, 7pm AEST.

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